Pronunciation again, Was: Re: Fire and Hemlock revisited

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Mon Feb 12 08:13:00 EST 2001

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> :)  I went around last night muttering variations, before adding it 
> to the soup.  (Thanks for the culinary reminder, you lot.)  I'd 
> probably have spelled the first syllable "wuss", but that may only 
> prove how Low is the tone of my Mind!


> Completely unrelated, but also about pronunciation, and tickled me:
> I borrowed a book from Trinity library the other day, and someone had 
> written all over the thing.  There was a sentence using the word 
> "obtrusive", and in the margin, the person had defined it for 
> him/herself as "Trust upon you".  Completely Dublin!

It does sound - er - very Irish, certainly....

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