Satanic Mill (spoiler)

Anna Skarzynska theania at
Fri Feb 9 17:07:20 EST 2001

 I've got it on my list of
> out-of-print-books-that-I-need-to-search-net-bookstores-for.  Thanks again
> for the rec.
> Laurie (now off to search for some books on the Basques for a research
> paper not yet begun)
I'm sure I saw it on as available! There was also what I
presumed was the American version, entitled Darkling Mill, or something. My
copy came from a charity shop, I think, and I was overjoyed, having long
lost the Polish copy, (which btw had beautiful black & white illustrations),
to discover it existed in English translation.
I do like a successful conversion... although I lost many a favourite book
and esp. volume 1s of trilogies etc. while attempting to convert people. If
something is really good, you want to share it with everyone, and then some
infidel will forget to give it back! Grr.
But I am ranting.

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