Satanic Mill (spoiler)

lpuszcz at lpuszcz at
Wed Feb 7 12:49:17 EST 2001

Ania wrote, quoting me:
> Laurie (off to read _The Satanic Mill_, recommended by someone on this    
> list and newly arrived through interlibrary loan).                        
So, have you read it yet? Did you like it?                                  

I did, and I did.  Thanks, Ania, for recommending it to me.  It made me
want to study more  German, so I could read it in the original.  And I can
bring a DWJ aspect in: the end reminded me of _Fire and Hemlock_, and the
Tam Lin ballads quite a bit. I've got it on my list of
out-of-print-books-that-I-need-to-search-net-bookstores-for.  Thanks again
for the rec.

Laurie (now off to search for some books on the Basques for a research
paper not yet begun)                                                                          

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