Pronunciation again, Was: Re: Fire and Hemlock revisited

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Feb 7 09:22:41 EST 2001

>Not in the real Worcestershire! "woost-uh-shuh" is the closest I could get,
>with teh stress on teh firts syllable, and definitely no stress on the last.

:)  I went around last night muttering variations, before adding it 
to the soup.  (Thanks for the culinary reminder, you lot.)  I'd 
probably have spelled the first syllable "wuss", but that may only 
prove how Low is the tone of my Mind!

Completely unrelated, but also about pronunciation, and tickled me:
I borrowed a book from Trinity library the other day, and someone had 
written all over the thing.  There was a sentence using the word 
"obtrusive", and in the margin, the person had defined it for 
him/herself as "Trust upon you".  Completely Dublin!


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