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> We also met to talk a little about what work still needs to be done and
> what features or content we want to add.  We already have information on
> nearly all of Diana's books that have been published, and we thought it
> woudl be a good idea to start collecting information about which ones have
> been published in other languages.

Here is the complete info on at least one Finnish translation and some info
on the other two (they are at the moment loaned to a friend of mine). I sent
this both to the list and the owner-dwj -address.

*Noidan veli (Charmed Life) -the title means witch's brother
published by WSOY in 1980
translator Marikki Makkonen

-Other names have been retained as they are in the original, but Cat has
been into Kissa (which means cat).

*Kyylän kyydissä (Archer's Goon) -the title means something like on a ride
with a goon (kyylä has a negative connotation, a Finnish-English dictionary
translates the word as a snooper, someone who snoops around).
I think this was also published by WSOY as the next one.

BTW, both a's in the title of the book should have  umlauts on them,
probably needs a special character set html, and no, I don't know enough
html to code it =). Also, I'll have to check on the names on this one.

*Tuli ja myrkkykatko (Fire and Hemlock) -I'd say this is a direct
IIRC, names are not changed in any way in this book.

There will possibly be another translation of DWJ next Autumn (Dark Lord of
Derkholm), but that is not yet sure. The friend my books are loaned to works
as an editor of children's literature for WSOY which has also published the
previous translations.


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