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Mon Dec 31 10:45:31 EST 2001

First DWJ.
Charmed Life a clear winner!
CL- 18
Dogsbody- 8
Witch Week- 5
LoCC- 4
ToTC and Archer's Goon- 3
Ogre and Cart and Cwidder- 2
Homeward Bounders, TotG, Hexwood, 8DoL and Howl - 1

Quintessential DWJ.
CL wins again.
CL- 11
AG- 10
HMC- 6
F&H- 5
TotG and DS- 4
ToTC and LoCC- 3
HBs, Hex, 8DoL, SWM, Dk Lord and Magicians of Caprona- 1

Favourite DWJ
Most people had more than one fave; they are all taken into account equally.
F&H is the winner by a large margin, though DS was a strong challenger.
F&H- 29
DS- 21
HMC- 14
Hex- 11
AG and HBs- 7
CL and LoCC- 6
Drowned Ammet and Po3- 3
Spellcoats, ToTC, C&Cw, CoD, 8DoL, MoC - 2
Dogsbody, Ogre, SWM, Dk Lord, YotG, Changeover- 1

2 people chose the same book - CL - in all 3 categories.
4 respondents thought of their first DWJ as the quintessential one (CL-3,
Many had the same quintessential and favourite: F&H- 5, HMC and DS- 3, LoCC
and AG- 2, HBs and Hex- 1
The first stayed on as favourite in 7 cases: LoCC- 2, 8DoL, ToTC, AG, CL,
Hex- 1

And now you can all look at the results and ponder their meaning and import
(if any)
A separate email, which will probably be entitled "The DWJ list guide to
life" and which will contain our maxims, will follow one day. (the last
question in the questionnaire asked for those)


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