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Sun Dec 30 20:07:42 EST 2001

Ha! I bet you all thought I'd never sort out the questionnaire results! Ah,
ye of little faith... Not that I blame anyone; it is rather late.
For those new to the list, I proposed that we all fill a questionnaire and
then I volunteered to collate the results. That was last summer. The
questions should be obvious from the results, below, or are presumably to be
found in the archives under the alternate identity thread.
In the religion question I counted the current religion - or lack thereof -
not the family background, e. g. my own entry was: "Atheist. Was Catholic."
and it counts once only, under "none". I had a bit of a dilemma in
subdividing the Christian varieties and I decided to keep it simple and have
Catholic, E. Orthodox and Protestant, which covers the rest. Likewise, I did
not presume to subdivide Judaism, because I don't know enough about it and
besides, some people just put down "Jewish" and others qualified it.

Anyway, here goes:
48 people replied, 6 men and 42 women
The youngest is 15; the oldest, 55.
Our total age is 1477 years.
Our average age is just under 31.
We have spawned 25 children (that's about half a child each), but....
34 of us are childless.
Top 3 countries of origin are: USA - 26; UK - 10; Oz - 7.
Ireland had 2; there was one each from Israel, Germany, Finland, Poland,
Fiji, Canada, Sweden and Holland
Most - but not all - of us still live in the country of origin.
The religious outnumber the godless; results were: atheist 11; agnostic 8;
Pagan 1; Jewish 6; Eastern orthodox 1; Catholic 4; Protestant 17 (includes a
Quaker, 2 Mormons, assorted Church of England/Ireland/Scotland, a Methodist,
Unitarians, Episcopalians and others)
15 of us are students or still at school; 5 are librarians; 11 work with/in
computers; 12 have other occupations connected with learning and books
(teachers, editors, translators, writers); 4 came under "other" occupations
(and those were: archaeologist, electrical engineer, chartered accountant,
cartographer) And 1 is an Actuary and I have NO idea what that means.

And I think I'll stop right now and send a separate post from which you'll
find out the List's First, Quintessential and Favourite DWJ.

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