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On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
|Megan Whalen Turner's _The Queen of Attolia_ and Alan Moore's graphic
|novel/collection _The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_.  We've already

I have to agree with the definition of the QoA as addictive.  I
finished it, went and grabbed the Thief, reread that, and
immediately reread the QoA.  In one day.

|Favorite Guilty Pleasure: _The China Bride_ by Mary Jo Putney.  Yes, I'm a
|sucker for historical romance novels.  Yes, I know it demonstrates a
|profound lack of character.  Yes, I know it's embarrassing.  That's why it's
|a *guilty* pleasure.  Sorry.

*blush*.  My boss lent me the prequel to this one (The Wild
Child), and, though I had some major issues with it (the heroine
was arguably not of sound mind when the hero first started...
being a lech, and he knew it), I found the excerpt from the China
Bride oddly compelling.

How do you do this, Melissa?  I can't even remember what I read
this year.  I should do what several of my friends do and keep a
list of what I read.  Since I'm preparing to take the GRE in
literature, though, my reading for the next three months would
look like I'm preparing to write a sequel to the Western Canon.
Spencer, Wordsworth, Pope, Dryden... all the people I need to
have read but don't read for pleasure.

I can tell you my best discovery of the year though: Madeleine
Brent, who writes strange historical novels, sort of romances but
not really.  I think they might all be out of print.

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