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Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at
Mon Dec 24 22:42:15 EST 2001

Firstly, my apologies: I cannot include the text of the message to which I
am replying because I am using different programs to receive and send mail
(such is the inconvinience of e-mailing from home using a college account)
Secondly, Nat recommended Dahl's short stories for adults; I was not aware
that he had adult stories (although we may be discussing the same things
but classifying them differently.)  What did he write for adults?

Also, just saw Lord of the Rings today!  It was quite good, although I had
imagined Orcs more hairy and big, rather than reptilian (a la D&D style)
and they left out a number of my favorite parts (I manaaged to get a
quarter of the way in, which was deemed enough for my friends to let me
watch it.)  I rather liked the way they portrayed hobbits and elves.

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