OT short stories

Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Mon Dec 24 14:09:15 EST 2001

I second Joan Aiken.

Roald Dahl's shorts are always good for a (often grim) laugh, and are 
well put together. You might even try his adult stories out on them 
if they're a mature 12/13...

Phillipppa Pearce's stories are wonderful as well, like Tim 
Wynne-Jones in the generally wonder-filled glow they contain, and 
they were available in the UK in paperback a couple years ago.

DWJ's and Margaret Mahy's are oddly disjointed, I find: I like her 
longer books better. DWJ's especially often feel like out-takes from 
her novels.

Does anyone else listen to "Selected Shorts" on US National Public 
Radio? Really good actors reading short stories before a live 
audience. Great show. A couple of the tapes are what I got my brother 
for Xmas.


>Alex asked...
>>  I'll be teaching English to 12/13 year olds and am anxious to find
>some good
>>  short stories - got Oddly Enough by Bruce Colville and Twelve
>>  Things Before Breakfast by Jane Yolen - has anyone got any
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