OT: Lord of the Dilemmas.

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<< Anyway, I cannot make up my mind whether to go and the

the Lord of the Rings film. The problem is that I have

seem the trailers and it does not at all match what is

in my head. >>

An excellent adaptation. Not flawless. But generally outstanding, and Johnson 
has even largely managed to slay the dragon of too much necessary exposition. 
A couple of the "action" sequences extended a bit longer than necessary, but 
not anywhere nearly as bads as it might have been. The artistic style is well 
integrated with the style of Tolkein's pown illos for The Hobbit. It is 
visually breathtaking in general. My own main gripe is just that I never 
invisioned orcs as being slimey. 

But. I'm convinced. Hobbits exist.
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