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Sun Dec 23 16:05:10 EST 2001

>Sophie said
> > Anyway, what confuses me in Hexwood is this: do
> > (Vierr)Ann and Mordion create Hume yes or no? Since he
> > tunr out to be a historical character he seems to have
> > existed previously as well, so how can he be created?
> > Unless he was created and then sent back in time. Or
> > does time not count at all in the Bannus? That seems
> > the likeliest, but I am interested in what you all
> > think.
> >

and alex responded:

>Is this how the Bannus gets round Vieran and Mordion making a child
>together? Just a thought.

the bannus gets around mordion and vierran making a child together by making 
vierran into a child herself, too young to do it, erm, naturally.

anyway, no, vierran and mordion do not actually create hume. hume's role is 
played by martellian, who the reigners confined in stass on earth in the 
distant past. the bannus uses the state (mental and physical) of people to 
create the character which they were playing. martellian is weak from stass 
so the bannus tricks him into thinking he's a child. basically, you have to 
keep seperate who someone really is and what part they are playing, and then 
figure out why they're playing that part. no people are created by the 
bannus. everyone is someone real, although almost no one is who they think 
they are.


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