OT: Lord of the Dilemmas.

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Sun Dec 23 14:48:58 EST 2001

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Sophie Liebregts wrote:
|Anyway, I cannot make up my mind whether to go and the
|the Lord of the Rings film. The problem is that I have
|seem the trailers and it does not at all match what is
|in my head. This is no criticism of the film at all,
|people will just imagine thing differently.

My $0.02.  I loved it.  It was flawed, but I loved it.  I liked
it better on a second watching, though, because I could stop
flipping about the things that were different (be warned --
Lothlorien is *strange*) and just enjoy the film for what it was.
And some of the different stuff was terrific.  I have never liked
Boromir, but the film Boromir was wonderful, and I liked him,
lots, tragic flaw and all.  And Frodo and Gandalf had a lovely

ObDWJ:  When I came home and sat around with my friends flipping
through Fellowship and the Silmarillion and the Tolkein
Companion, I decided I needed a break from traditional epic
fantasy -- so I read Dark Lord and Year of the Griffin over the
weekend.  ;)  It was a great transition.

NotDWJ-At-All:  Queen of Attolia is out in pb, so I've finally
read it.  Yowzers.

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