OT: Lord of the Dilemmas.

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 23 07:31:43 EST 2001

Well, maybe slightly on topic as it has someting to do
with visual imaginations....

Anyway, I cannot make up my mind whether to go and the
the Lord of the Rings film. The problem is that I have
seem the trailers and it does not at all match what is
in my head. This is no criticism of the film at all,
people will just imagine thing differently. It is just
that I prefer what was in my head before. And I am
afraid I the film will "take over" and kill the
imagined world. Then again, maybe I might just take it
as someone else version. Still, in a way I do not
quite agree that everything always has to turned into
a Hollywood (okay, New Zealand) action-adventure. So
maybe I should light the fire and read the book

Alright, there are more serious problems in the world,
but maybe this friendly list could give me some

Sophie (this one looks about 24 ;-)

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