hexwood discussion.*spoiler*

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 23 07:22:05 EST 2001

Few, finally a few day's rest from the degree. Have
just caught up with posts from end of November, so
please forgive if I don't quite remember who made
which point exactly.

Secondly, I also forgot to take Hexwood from Ireland,
so cannot check back. Sorry...

Anyway, what confuses me in Hexwood is this: do
(Vierr)Ann and Mordion create Hume yes or no? Since he
tunr out to be a historical character he seems to have
existed previously as well, so how can he be created?
Unless he was created and then sent back in time. Or
does time not count at all in the Bannus? That seems
the likeliest, but I am interested in what you all

Oh and of course, Merry Christmas to all!!

P.S. (sorry rambling post) Should the next book
discussion be Howl? We seem to be having a little
discussion about it anyway and I have just discovered
I actually own it (thought I read it in the library
before) so am aiming to re-read soon. Let's give
Hexwood some time first , though.

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