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Wed Dec 19 06:01:22 EST 2001

>Katta, you show up everywhere... *g*

Hi! Imagine meeting you here! It's always nice to be around friends. :-)

>DWJ books aren't easy to track down in Sweden (and only a few translated if
>you want them in Swedish)--but Gleerups recently bought in a stack. Not 
>how much is left after my pillaging, but it's well worth having a look. I
>also found Black Maria and a couple of others in the English Paperback
>bookstore (I forget the name) in Lund.

I know there aren't too many... I bought the Chrestomanci books in America, 
they were much cheaper there. If I ever go to America again I'll buy some 
more. As it is, I'm happy to have found the things at Gleerups', and I do 
believe there were more than one copy of each book, so I have high hopes. 
The Pocket bookstore is good, too. Of course, the sort of prices they 
have... ick.

Nice to have found you here, and nice to be on the list.


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