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Annika Bergstrand neith at
Wed Dec 19 05:52:46 EST 2001

Katta, you show up everywhere... *g*

> The DWJ books I have read are Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in
> the Air, Powers of Three, Archer's Goon, A Tale of Time City (which isn't
> all that good), Dogsbody, all four Chrestomanci Chronicles, and Minor
> Arcana. I think that's all. I've wished for Tough Guide to Fantasyland for
> Christmas, let's hope I get it.

DWJ books aren't easy to track down in Sweden (and only a few translated if
you want them in Swedish)--but Gleerups recently bought in a stack. Not sure
how much is left after my pillaging, but it's well worth having a look. I
also found Black Maria and a couple of others in the English Paperback
bookstore (I forget the name) in Lund.

Anyway, it's nice to have you here on the list. :)



"There are chapters in every life which are seldom read and certainly not
out loud."
 -- Carol Shields, "The Stone Diaries"

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