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Wed Dec 19 05:32:59 EST 2001

Hello all!

After having four different e-mails floating around my inbox and replying to 
practically everything I do hope I'm subscribed now. I joined a tiny little 
DWJ list on yahoogroups and made other people join as well. One of them 
tipped me of this place, so here I am! Normal intelligent people would 
obviously have looked around everywhere for a list, but not me.

Now, what it's all about is that I spent so much time on Harry Potter lists 
explaining that JK Rowlings actually nicked a lot of stuff from other 
writers that I started to wonder why I was on those lists when I wasn't on 
any for the other writers. I picked Diana Wynne Jones since she is the best 
of the bunch, and guilty of Howl's Moving Castle, only about my favourite 
book. (It's funny, that used to be East of Eden, and before that Jane Eyre. 
I'm obviously growing younger.)

Now, about me. My name is Katarina Maria Hjärpe (pronounced Yairpë), but 
online and among my friends I'm known as Katta. I am 21 years old and a 
student at the University of Lund in Sweden, currently angsting over a paper 
on the history of children's books. Eventually I plan on being a cultural 
journalist. The DWJ books I have read are Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in 
the Air, Powers of Three, Archer's Goon, A Tale of Time City (which isn't 
all that good), Dogsbody, all four Chrestomanci Chronicles, and Minor 
Arcana. I think that's all. I've wished for Tough Guide to Fantasyland for 
Christmas, let's hope I get it.

I am one of those despicable person who enjoys writing fanfiction and always 
has half a dozen such stories in the works. At the moment one of them is a 
crossover between Howl and Dark Angel, let's see whatever could come of 

That's all for now, I think. May all your camels be bountiful!


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