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On Mon, 10 Dec 2001 13:06:02 +0800, Anita Graham wrote:

>> Ven said
>> >It's a crisp bag -- you're translating! It happens several times too (I
>> >have a cat on my skirt or I'd find the book and check) but I think it's
>> > a ring pull (from a can)  rather than a pop top and I'm pretty sure it
>> >would have been a stream or ditch rather than groove. This is
>> >interesting -- seems to show that you are putting the images back
>> >into words rather than recalling the exact words.*
>> Nope, I checked, and at lkeast in my version it is a yellow bag, and then
>> later she says it's a pretezel bag.
>It's definitely a crisp bag in the UK version hardback I have. Cover is

Sounds like they edited the text for the US edition.  Mine (the smily-tree
cover) says pretzel bag.

>Another thing I was going to note is the image of The House of Balance.
>Early in the book Anne has a dream/nightmare that she's stuck inside a
>pearly, luminescent maze. "dreams where she was shut in a labyrinth of
>mother-of-pearl - in those dreams she thought she was trapped in her own
>Later when the House of Balance buildings are described they sound just like
>parts of the inner ear. (Again, I think this is said explicitly).
>So as well as having scales as symbols of the Balance, there is Balance as
>an internal adjustment organ.

Good symbolic reference.  In addition to this, it just occurred to me that
this image/nighmare is probably a corruption of Vierran's memory of the long
walkthrough passages on the way to Earth.  

Just as a wild guess, perhaps the reason Ann is sick at the beginning is
that illness is the only way the Bannus can circumvent her mind magic talent
to get her to believe in the scenarios it presents her with.

Too tired for more, but I really love this book.

Melissa Proffitt
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