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Mon Dec 10 00:06:02 EST 2001

> Ven said
> >It's a crisp bag -- you're translating! It happens several times too (I
> >have a cat on my skirt or I'd find the book and check) but I think it's
> > a ring pull (from a can)  rather than a pop top and I'm pretty sure it
> >would have been a stream or ditch rather than groove. This is
> >interesting -- seems to show that you are putting the images back
> >into words rather than recalling the exact words.*
> Nope, I checked, and at lkeast in my version it is a yellow bag, and then
> later she says it's a pretezel bag.

It's definitely a crisp bag in the UK version hardback I have. Cover is

Another thing I was going to note is the image of The House of Balance.

Early in the book Anne has a dream/nightmare that she's stuck inside a
pearly, luminescent maze. "dreams where she was shut in a labyrinth of
mother-of-pearl - in those dreams she thought she was trapped in her own

Later when the House of Balance buildings are described they sound just like
parts of the inner ear. (Again, I think this is said explicitly).

So as well as having scales as symbols of the Balance, there is Balance as
an internal adjustment organ.


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