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In a message dated 12/9/2001 6:18:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, Jennifer 
Forsyth writes:

> I was smiling in utter understanding as I read your first paragraph, 
>  that we were kindred spirits (my husband can never understand my selective 
>  and
>  completely involuntary -- amnesia regarding book plots):  I didn't 
> this
>  time the true identity of the Bannus, even though this is my third or 
> time
>  through as well. But then I was surprised that you don't enjoy Dean, who 
> one
>  of my favorite authors. 

I do enjoy Dean, indeed I own all of her books and re-read them from time to 
time. But I always finish her books thinking that I must be very stupid 
because I *know* I haven't gotten the point, and when her characters say 
sarcastic things like, "It's this obsession you have with breaking large 
glowing globes," there's me puffing along behind saying, "That makes as much 
sense as anything I can come up with!" 

Helen Schinske
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