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Sun Dec 9 23:07:44 EST 2001

Ven said
>It's a crisp bag -- you're translating! It happens several times too (I
>have a cat on my skirt or I'd find the book and check) but I think it's
> a ring pull (from a can)  rather than a pop top and I'm pretty sure it
>would have been a stream or ditch rather than groove. This is
>interesting -- seems to show that you are putting the images back
>into words rather than recalling the exact words.*

Nope, I checked, and at lkeast in my version it is a yellow bag, and then
later she says it's a pretezel bag.  Also when I said pop top I meant a top
to a pop can (sorry, I should have said soda top :)   )  But you're right,
it was a stream or ditch, and I am going from words to pictures to other
words.  When I wrote that it had been a number of years since I read the
book, and my pictures are not always very accurate.  (People keep on having
the wrong hair color; I know I keep bringing this up but "my" Laurel has
dark hair and green eyes.  And my Vivian has blond hair.  I don't know what
ciolor it said in the book.)  I also found on my reread that in the scene
where the reigners watch two and the servant go down to Earth I had been
imaging a three dimensional screen at one end of the table, rather than a
3D image on the table top.

>And your words conjured up my own picture (total sensory image)
>of Hexwood. I very much focus on the feel of an English wood in
>early spring, the way the bushes look with that fuzz of very bright
>green, and, yes, the odd bit of rubbish (and, something Dwj doesn't
>mention,  dog poo, I'm afraid to say.). My picture is sort of
>impressionistic. I think I've worked out the elusivity, I seem to be
>able to either see something in my head or put it into words, so I
>sort of switch from one thing to the other.

That's rather interesting...hmm.  Do you build pictures on things in real
life or not?  For me most of Hexwood is not based on anything real, but the
woods is based on a rather dilipidated wood I once sae.

>I sometimes
>amuse myself by mentally rifling through my bookshelves.

I should try that :-)

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for eventually
it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel

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