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Sun Dec 9 11:20:01 EST 2001

>> On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, christian nutt wrote:
>> > so does no one else's copy of hexwood have the author's note? i know my
>> > original didn't, but many of you requested it -- does anyone
>> else actually
>> > have it? it seems strange to disclude it from most printings.
>> Huh. Well, my copy has the note--it's the hardcover with "Mordion" wearing
>> his red coat on the cover, but his face looks more like a goblin's than a
>> man's. I would think it's the hardcover vs. paperback thing Sally
>> mentioned, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the note in the paperback as
>> well.
the paperback Penguin edition (Big smily tree with green eyes and what
appears to be a Komodo dragon curled around it.  Nice cover, btw, if not AT
ALL accurate to anything in the book (when are there smily trees?)) does
not have an author's note, although, unlike many of her books, it does have
an "about the author".  The only other books that I own that have about the
author's are the new paperback greenwillows (Chronicles of Chrestomanci and
Castle in the air, are the three in my possession) and those are just a
print up on the inside back cover.  Hexwood has a sperate page, which gives
a lot more information than any of the others (it adds that she hastwo
granddaughters, is a compulsive story teller, and enjoys stories about
"Witches, hobgoblins and the like"

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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