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> You never met anyone more lactose-intolerant than Diana Wynne Jones (just
>  don't stir her black coffee with a spoon you used to stir someone else's
>  coffee with milk in it: she'll be crippled with arthritis for two days,
>  unable to move her spine or neck let alone her hands) and she has a bread
>  machine she uses all the time. If you want I'll ask her exactly how she
>  changes the recipes so they contain no lactose at all, and email you the
>  results

Huh? I am the most lactose-tolerant person you would ever want to meet, and 
my basic bread recipe contains flour, water, oil, yeast, salt, and sugar. How 
would that contain lactose anyway? I know lots of people do put milk or 
butter in, but I never thought it was exactly mandatory.

Helen Schinske
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