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Sallyo wrote:

>BTW, has anyone else noted how odd it is that Sophie who *seems* "about 90"

>can be taken as "Howl's old mother" when he's about 27? Do women in their

>60s have babies in Ingary?

Or people after about 35 age really noticably in Ingary. Look at photos of 
your gandparents or great-grandparents at 50. Do they look the same age as 
you (or your parents) do/did?

>>I think I see it as their longevity sort of concentrating their characters,

so that if they start out selfish they become monstrous. (I bet even Orm

wasn't always *as* evil as he has become.) It's like, the more time they

spend going down the path they chose, of not caring what they do to anybody

as long they get their way, the less human they become. <<

Exactly. Other writers have also used this as an issue defining character. 
It's prpbably true. (I'm recalling one deffinition that went rather; "If you 
are nasty at 20, nasty at 40, nastier at 60 and a perfect devil by 80!" This 
one was voiced by Tuppence in one of the late Agatha Christie stories. 
Possibly Elephants can Remember, but it might have been the other one.)

>>I'm unlikely to bump into a Morrigan, but I was at

school with people who were very like Nan and Charles's tormentors.<<

*sigh* As did we all...
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