hexwood ... i'm jumping in! -- spoilers ahoy

Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Fri Dec 7 08:25:16 EST 2001

Christian wrote:

> another interesting thing is that the copy of hexwood my friend just
> me as a present to replace my old paperback has something the old one
> doesn't.. the paperback (US edition, puffin, 1996 or thereabouts) doesn't
> have the "author's note" at the back. the new copy i have (the greenwillow
> US hardback) does, although they appear to be struck from the same plates.
> it's explains a little bit. of course, DWJ avoids explanations usually, so
> it's nice to get a chance to read it. i was tempted to run to the end and
> read it but i made myself wait till i'd finished the book before doing so.

Christian, would you mind telling us what the note says? I'm very curious!

(You also said some interesting things that I don't have time to comment
on.:-)  )


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