hexwood ... i'm jumping in! -- spoilers ahoy

Anita Graham amgraham at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
Fri Dec 7 08:22:58 EST 2001

> "The tale of Mordion's upbringing is appalling (and in this
> reading I met this head on for the first time since my first reading). I
> don't think it is gratuitous, it raises some very uncomfortable moral
> questions."
I try and read through this very quickly. I hate horror stories etc. It
comes up so quickly in the story though that I'd read it by the time I
realised what it was.

> "I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to chart the book's events in
> any way?"

No. But I think I'd just like a character list! (I could do one, I suppose).
And probably I need to find out more about Fitela.

> another interesting thing is that the copy of hexwood my friend
> just bought
> me as a present to replace my old paperback has something the old one
> doesn't.. the paperback (US edition, puffin, 1996 or thereabouts) doesn't
> have the "author's note" at the back.

Not sure I have an author's note at the back...will check my hardback.

(I've just read Northern Lights for the first time, after putting it off for
a couple of years, and I'm really ready to discuss that. But I think
girlsown has a Philip Pullman discussion scheduled for next year.)


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