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Melissa said...

> On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 16:26:27 +0100, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
> >I wish to report that the list's capacity for hooking people on
books has
> >worked again. I read Stevermer's College of Magics on holiday and
it was
> >marvellous.
> Good for you.  I wish I liked her books better.  We're some kind of
> mismatch...I *admire* them a lot, and she's influenced me to believe
> Regency-style fantasy is possible, but I don't get drawn into them
> well.

WHAAAAT??!!  Sorry.  I'm a big fan of Georgette Heyer, and I love
fantasy set in periods other than the standard
faux-medieval/renessaince setting, so Regency fantasy really floats my
boat, so to speak.  Have you tried Patricia Wrede?  (Though possibly
I'm missing something here; I've only read "A College of Magics" and
that's not Regency.)
> But this list is, as you say, really good for hooking people on new
> books...doesn't ANYONE have something fabulous to suggest?  That I
> already read?  Anyone??

What have you already read?  And what do you like to read?  Not
knowing either of those, I can only suggest some things that I've read
recently and went "Wow!" a lot over...

Assuming you've read CW's "Passage"... (if not, DO!)

Otherwise..."Ash: A Secret History" by Mary Gentle.  Fantasy set in
something that's sort of historical Burgundy, with fantastical
elements and a framing device which isn't.

Anything by Philip Pullman; I enjoyed the Sally Lockhart stories, and
"His Dark Materials" is just stunningly cool and wonderful.  He builds
worlds like I wish I could build worlds.

Not quite as Wow-some, but pretty good, is Robin Hobb's "Liveship
Traders" trilogy.  Ignore the stupid sea-serpents at the beginning
(but skim quickly through them when they appear later, because
tiresome as they are, they're an integral part of the plot).

> At least a year, I think.  I just wish she'd finally get a handle on
a new
> Damar book.  I recommend visiting her web site, which is excellent

Yes, it is.  But I agree with you, it's about time she got reound to
doing some more Damar stuff.

> My primary motivation for writing--when I'm able to--is that no
matter how
> much of my favorite fantasy there is, it's Never Enough.

I think that's why most of us write - no-one else will write the
stories (or enough of the stories) that we want to read.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (tired and probably rambling aimlessly)
Dorian E. Gray
israfel at eircom.net

"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can
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