DWJ's answers: Harry Potter

Susanna E. Leng 98 Susanna.E.Leng.98 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Fri Aug 31 17:45:34 EDT 2001

You're not.  I really enjoyed it as well, it felt like a 
great fairy tale, and although a bit 'lighter' than his 
other books, certainly very satisfying.

> *WHY* am I the only one who liked _Stardust_?  Okay, 
> sure, I can accept finding it dull after reading the 
> graphic novel version, but...either I'm missing 
> something or everyone else is nuts.  I think it's a 
> really good fairy tale and he's using a roughly 
> fairy-tale narrative style.  I do want to read the 
> graphic novel eventually, though.
> Melissa Proffitt

And while I'm de-lurking for once (feeling great and 
outgoing today), I just want to say in complete jest:
Stop with those infernal recommendations!
I have way too many books in stacks at home that I have yet 
to read, thanks to all you people.  I had been looking 
forward to the three-day weekend to catch up, but for some 
reason my time is getting soaked up by silly things like 
going hiking with friends or training...  Certainly should 
not take priority over reading, I think I'm getting weak.

Of course, I say this smiling, hoping you all know the 
numbers of great authors you have introduced me to (all of 
the ones we're talking about, to begin with)  And although 
I can't keep up with them all, I cut & paste the 
recommendations into files for later use.  So please, 
really, keep 'em coming.  I like a challenge.  

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