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Fri Aug 31 11:26:27 EDT 2001

>>Anyway, no figurines, please, but what about Chrestomanci Castle
>>Rashpuhti carpets?  Butter pies?  Creema di Leema alcopops?  Hmm.  Perhaps
>>it's not such a good idea after all...

Rebecca said:
>And Rhinestone earrings that scream "I belong to Caroline Chant."  And cute
>little plastic figurines of humanoids with long hooded robes.  And a yellow
>transformer doll that transforms from a horse to a car.  And light pens...I
>really, in all honesty this time, always wanted a light pen.

But without seaweed chews, what use would an insubstantial pen be? I don't
see how anyone can write without at least the *option* of chewing the pen.
Half the time when I type I have a pencil sticking out of my mouth (tilted
at a rakish angle, of course).
I want one of Sophie's hats. And I'd love to go into a museum and see a
rugcoat. (With inaccurate label saying the story woven into it is an

I wish to report that the list's capacity for hooking people on books has
worked again. I read Stevermer's College of Magics on holiday and it was
marvellous. I got To Say Nothing Of The Dog some time ago and couldn't get
into it at all, (and didn't dare admit it) and I'd just finished my library
books so I tried again today and it is, of course, wonderful. And THEN I got
to work and there was Tam Lin, which I have been trying to order for MONTHS
and it kept falling through, so I had to start it at once and I am ADDICTED.
It's as good as McKinley, much better then the only other one of Dean's I've
read which is, erm, The Dubious Hills. I'm going to stop at Chapter 6 and
finish TSNOTD on the way home, because I want to know what happens, and if I
read Tam Lin for any longer I won't be able to stop until I finish it and
then I'll have to read it again and I won't get back to Willis for days
(specially since I have to paint a wall and two ceilings over the weekend.)
I want to read it really fast to know everything and also really slowly so
it isn't over too quickly.  

The trouble is, this is so good that it makes me all cross with everything
else around. I wish I hadn't read all of DWJ's books so I could fall into
one in this sort of way. Her new one sounds like it won't be out for ages.
Duane's Door Into Starlight won't be published till next year (and it's
going to be bound with volume 3 which I already have, not fair), Bujold's
Curse of Chalion has come out in hardback so I should be able to sneak into
shops and read it but nowhere has it, not even the SF bookshops. Spindle's
End came out not long ago so I suppose there won't be a new McKinley for a
while either. And that's about all of the authors who grab my mind like
this. Other authors I like a lot (Cherryh, Pratchett, Kerr, Allingham,
Sayers, the usual suspects * ), and I read history or science and find it
really interesting, but they just don't have the same *feel*, I want to be
enthralled by something magical, dammit, and once I finish this I'm back to
rereading- which is a joy, but not the same. Mutter grumble. Maybe Forbidden
Planet has The Last Unicorn or Bridge of Birds or some Lord Dunsany. There
are some books I wanted for my birthday and didn't get, perhaps those would
help. Maybe I should go back to Fantasy Central and buy the Sabirn Trilogy
(if somebody else hasn't gotten it). Maybe I should go to the library and
not impoverish myself further. Maybe I should read Howl again and stop


* Total apropos-of-nothing footnote. There are some very good mysteries
being written by a (British) team called Staynes and Storey at the moment,
about Superintendant Bone. Annoyingly their latest one didn't seem quite as
good as the earlier ones like The Late Lady or Grave Responsibility. Anyway,
I saw one of theirs in a US bookshop and the author was down as "Susannah
Stacey", which is odd. Maybe more than one author on a book Doesn't Sell.
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