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>> I have been meaning to say that I finally got the chance to read our own
>> Sally Odgers' books _Translations in Celadon_ and _Trinity Street_.  Very
>> good.  I recommend you all hunt them down.  They were moderately hard to
>> find in the US, but worth the search.
>Thank you, thank you for the unsolicited reviews. And both books are
>available through Amazon... or so they claim.

And 2-3 day availability even...I'll believe it when I see it.  Though I
don't know how I would, seeing as how I already own the books....

>> I thought the ending was a little rushed on this
>> one.  The ultimate ending is good, especially with the implication that
>> true story is what begins after the last sentence, but the final cataclysm
>> came and went very quickly.  I still don't know if it's because I was
>> rushing too fast, to find out what happened, or if it really was just very
>> rushed.
>Too true. I had to keep to a word count, and the editor made me rewrite the
>ending to punish the twin villains... I was going to leave them free and
>evilling away for a sequel (which would have settled the Camena question),
>but Anna (the ed) wanted her i to be dotted and t crossed. She may well have
>been right. I did plant a loophole to allow me to do a sequel, but never got
>round to it. By the time one gets the go-ahead, it's three years later and
>one has other ideas.

It really felt as though there should have been a sequel, but in a dreamy
sort of way that didn't *require* a sequel.  Not like, for example, Steven
Boyett's _The Architect of Sleep_ which has an awful, abrupt ending--abrupt
because it was supposed to be the first book of a series, awful because the
series never materialized.  I read his explanation of What Happened To It
once, and it was pretty sad and not entirely his fault.  Well, it would have
been interesting to read the sequel to _Trinity Street_.

>> And then a few months ago I was
>> driving to a library far, far away, and passed something called HI-Q
>> Corporation and nearly drove into a power pole.  There's coincidence for
>> you.

>Eeek! Now that's a worry...

I've never dared look them up in the phone book to see what they actually
are.  Of course, they can't be what I imagined, because they've never tried
to kidnap ME....  :)

Melissa Proffitt
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