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Mon Aug 27 17:06:51 EDT 2001

(Sorry if this has already been covered - I have looked through the archives but didn't see anything.)

DWJ's comments about Harry Potter plus a programme yesterday on the television about J K Rowling have made me think again about the HP books (of wch I am not a fan). I'm a bit baffled about why DWJ explicitly says JKR was influenced by her:

DWJ: "I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, but I did find some parts of them strangely familiar."

Apart from the magical milieu, I can't see many similarities. Yes, in Witch Week DWJ uses a boarding school setting, but it's not a school to teach magic, and there are other much more striking examples - the Worst Witch books, for instance. The book DWJ refers to is Charmed Life, but the basic proposition of the hero developing magic talents has been used in many other books (Susan Cooper's, for example).

So two questions. Firstly, can anyone point to more striking similarities between DWJ and JKR? Secondly, has anyone seen any interviews with JKR where she has discussed her literary influences? The stories told about how the idea of Harry Potter can to her on a train seem to imply an out-of-nowhere conception.

(who only has internet access on Friday evenings and the weekend at the moment, so won't be able to respond to any replies for the next few days)

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