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Wed Aug 22 21:53:56 EDT 2001

Sophie wrote 
>  Who? Sophie
> > Where from? Venlo, Holland

Hi Sophie, I briefly lived in Krommenie -Assendelft and Valkenburg 
(the one near the coast).

> > Occupation? Customer Services Office Dolly for three
> more weeks, then student of Ethnomusicology

That sounds really interesting, I once saw a tv programme where a 
Japanese violinist swapped ideas with San musicians (San aka 
South African Bushmen). Their instruments were made, for 
example, from an old tin and pieces of wire, and every time they 
played the same bit of music again it sounded totally different to 
him (and me), due to their particular style of improvised variation. 
At the end he wanted to give them a violin, but first had to persuade 
them that his tapes and what he had learned were worth a violin -- 
they dislike feeling under obligation.

> > First DWJ? "Charmed Life"
> > Quintessential DWJ? "Homeward Bounders"
> Well, the other world theme seems very important in
> her work and many worlds can you handle?
> (and if I wasn't moving to Ireland I would move to
> Creema di Leema world...)
lol, me too, although it does sound a bit cheesy there.

> > Favourite DWJ? 
> "Charmed Life" because it made that huge impression,
> as I never knew what I was in for. I love the
> atmosphere of it as well.
> "Homeward Bounders" see above. I also loved the "Hope
> is an anchor" bit, although I am still not sure I
> completely understand. But that's part of the
> attraction. 
> and, oh yes<
> "Cart and Cwidder" as I think they points made about
> music are very true, really struck a chord with me.
Hurrah, another Cart and Cwidder afficionado, it's not so long since 
I was defending it. I'd be interested to hear more from you about 

> Of course I am still catching up, so might all still
> change.
> > Personal maxim:
> Take what you want in life and pay for it.
> (apparently a Spanish proverb).

I like that. 


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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