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Nat Case ncase at
Wed Aug 22 13:59:59 EDT 2001

>>In the Japanese version, he probably could get away with having the 
>>same accent
>>as everyone else.  Whether Welsh is appropriate depends on how they translate
>>Wales - to get the same cultural impact in Japan that Welshness has 
>>in Britain,
>>I would have thought they should pick one of the smaller, out of the way
>>Japanese islands...
>Uhh.  That's seems very odd to me somehow.  Although I accept that 
>sometimes things have to be changed to give the same effect, it 
>still seems odd.  And surely "Welshness" has a lot of different 
>cultural resonances than just smallness and out-of-the-wayness. 
>I've no idea what the cultural impact of those Japanese islands 

I recall reading a conversation between Lucille Ball and the Japanese 
distributors of "I Love Lucy." She said it was eerie, how much the 
Japanese voiceover sounded like her, and asked how they found the 
Japanese actress, and they said, "We just looked for someone who 
spoke bad Japanese..."

As an American who has been in Wales for a total of three days, my 
ideas of "Welshness" are not terribly developed. I get more out of 
the context within the book that he is from a differently-languaged 
minority within a larger culture, that it has a love of 
rough-and-tumble things like football (and football chants). I think 
Philips solution is probably right on. Of course, because of the last 
world war, different-language minorities in Japan have somewhat rawer 
position than the Welsh. A Korean voice, for example, would be right 

And I think Ingary is where they speak Ingarian

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