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|There are teeny, tiny spoilers about Howl's Moving Castle and Castle In The
|Air, but I think they're only for setting, not plot- and if you've read
|previous messages in this thread you already know Howl is Welsh anyway.

|it is). The saucepan song is in Welsh (it *is* about saucepans- it starts
|"sospan fach, sospan fawr" which I think is "little saucepan, big saucepan",
|but anyway it's a sort of nursery nonsense song). Erg, um, when Howl changes

My Welsh brother-in-law says that it is a football song -- or at
least that is how he always sang it as a child and teenager.

In any case, I think that Janine Garofolo would make an excellent
choice for Sophie.  Her voice is young and kind of sexy, but also
cranky.  Actually, wasn't she one of the voices in Disney's
dubbed version of Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke?  I think she was.
Howl means to be played by somebody who can leer with his voice
-- someone who can make his voice sounds like... I don't know,
Pierce Brosnan looks when he's leering.  Michael needs to be
played by someone who can sound cute and naive: Ewan MacGregor?
I have no idea what Calcifer should sound like.

When I watch subtitled Japanese animation, I rarely pay attention
to the voices I'm afraid, so I don't know who would sound good in
Japanese.  I do know that I can't imagine Sophie with the
high-pitched, breathy voice that many anime heroines have.
Fanny, though...


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