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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Wed Aug 22 05:35:43 EDT 2001

I wrote a reply and then found Philip had said most of the same things, only
in a less complicated way. So, I'll just snip straight to the point.

>> Lizzie, who loves anything animated.  Except Pokemon.

>I like animated things too - but wholehartedly agree about Pokémon!  But
>only really a fan of Oliver Postgate.  (Now there's a thought.  Ivor the
>I wonder what Postgate is doing nowadays...) 

Yes! Perfect! The moving castle moves making the Ivor the Engine noise! (All
UK readers between certain ages instantly get it stuck in their heads. I
would write it down but I think it would need the phonetic alphabet. It's a
spoken train-noise, starting "pshhhh" and then a sort of quiet clatter,
repeat about once a second or faster ad lib as long as the little animated
train is moving.) How many viewers of something have to get a reference
before it stops being an in-joke?
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