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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Aug 21 14:38:35 EDT 2001

Fiona wrote:

>Perhaps I'm a purist but I don't want Japanese, American or English. Howl is
>*Welsh*, I think he should be played by a Welsh actor. Regrettably I doubt
>they'll do that, despite there being a number of actors capable of fitting
>the bill.
>It doesn't really matter to me who voices Sophie or Calcifer, Ingary after
>all is it's own place but Howl is Welsh and I'd be disappointed if the story
>was altered to facilitate the voice of a foreign actor

Funny, I'd never thought about it until you wrote this, and then had 
to go check.  Sophie never says anything that I could find about 
Howl's having an accent.  When they go to Wales he talks in a foreign 
language, which she recognises as probably being the same as The 
Saucepan Song, but nothing else.  I'm far from being an expert (Ania 
will be here tonight and can correct me), but everyone I've heard 
from Wales had a really noticable accent - rather like a Cork or 
Kerry accent here.  You'd never fail to notice one of them.  But the 
absence of comment about this in the book made me wonder what DWJ 
would choose for Howl's accent, if she had free rein.


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