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Tue Aug 21 11:06:56 EDT 2001

--- Fiona Haggart <F.Haggart at> wrote:
> Perhaps I'm a purist but I don't want Japanese,
> American or English. Howl is
> *Welsh*, I think he should be played by a Welsh
> actor. Regrettably I doubt
> they'll do that, despite there being a number of
> actors capable of fitting
> the bill.
> It doesn't really matter to me who voices Sophie or
> Calcifer, Ingary after
> all is it's own place but Howl is Welsh and I'd be
> disappointed if the story
> was altered to facilitate the voice of a foreign
> actor

erm, i don't know if you are at all familiar with
Miyazaki's work, but he has a habit of setting his
anime in Europe, but having the original version of
the dialogue be Japanese.

it is highly unlikely he would feel the need to alter
the story in order to do this; the charaters would all
simply be speaking Japanese as if they were speaking
the correct language of the region they are from.

if you can find a Welsh voice actor who can speak
Japanese, then perhaps that person would be ideal, but
it doesn't seem all that necessary for me.  Perhaps i
just can't easily imagine Welsh-accented Japanese.

for the English dub of the anime, which, given
Disney's Princess Mononoke release, is almost
certainly going to be star-studded, etc., it makes
more sense to have a Welsh Howl, if possible, though
in that case i'd also like the other voice actors to
be British.  hmm.  who knows what they'll end up

anyone know how much control Diana is retaining over
issues such as this?
or, for that matter, how much control Miyazaki
retained on casting the English dub of Princess


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