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Tue Aug 21 01:49:26 EDT 2001

Well, since it's out, I guess I can finally blurt out what I've been
wanting to say for a while.  You know our casting thread?  Well, I've got
a voice for Howl in mind--Japanese, not American or English--I don't even
want to think about who'll end up doing it in America, after Claire Danes
in Princess Mononoke.  Anyway, the Japanese voice actor I'd love to
as Howl (he's got the most amazing voice) is named Onosaka Masaya.  He was
the voice of Vash the Stampede in Trigun, Jedite in Sailor Moon (in the
dub they cut out all but about two of his episodes, but that's okay
because without the voice it didn't matter) (yes, I'm just a weeeeee bit
of a snob ;^) and big Kero-chan in Card Captor Sakura (again, something
that would have been missed in the dub).  I really like the way he uses
his voice--he goes from absolutely goofy to serious to earnest to
joking--and there are differences.  I think he'd be good as Howl not just
because I love his voice--though I certainly do that.

As for other characters. . . I've been racking my brains for a Sophie
seiyuu (voice actor).  Everyone I can think of, though, is too high
pitched or too mature sounding--not old, but mature, and Sophie's not much
more than a teenager, right?  For the Witch of the Waste, maybe Iwao Junko
(Ceres from Ayashi no Ceres, main character from Perfect Blue)--I think
she could do a good witch.  As for Calcifer, well, I'm just hoping that
they don't turn him into one of those awful ubiquitous cuddly
sidekicks--though I have enough respect for Miyazaki to believe that that
won't happen.

Er. . . sorry to all of you who haven't heard of a single person I've
mentioned.  I'd be interested to hear everyone else's casting ideas--both
in Japanese and English.  As with all voice acting in English, we need to
ask ourselves "Can Keith David be fit in somewhere?"  He was Goliath from
Gargoyles and, actually, the boar (I think!) from Mononoke Hime,
so. . . . . (love his voice, too). . . .

lizzie, who is a voice girl


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