Alternative Identity.

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at
Sat Aug 18 08:33:45 EDT 2001

Checked out  all your previous replies with interest
and got so caught up I filled out one myself too
(sticking to the original version)

 Who? Sophie

> Where from? Venlo, Holland

> Where now? Brighton, UK (but Limerick, Ireland in a

> How ancient? 23

> Any progeny? nope

> Religion? none

> Occupation? Customer Services Office Dolly for three
more weeks, then student of Ethnomusicology

> First DWJ? "Charmed Life"

> Quintessential DWJ? "Homeward Bounders"

Well, the other world theme seems very important in
her work and many worlds can you handle?
(and if I wasn't moving to Ireland I would move to
Creema di Leema world...)

> Favourite DWJ? 

"Charmed Life" because it made that huge impression,
as I never knew what I was in for. I love the
atmosphere of it as well.

"Homeward Bounders" see above. I also loved the "Hope
is an anchor" bit, although I am still not sure I
completely understand. But that's part of the

and, oh yes<

"Cart and Cwidder" as I think they points made about
music are very true, really struck a chord with me.

Of course I am still catching up, so might all still

> Personal maxim:

Take what you want in life and pay for it.
(apparently a Spanish proverb).


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