Hello from a newcomer.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Fri Aug 17 15:47:03 EDT 2001

Replying to Dorian replying to Sophie:

>>  But we could defenitely
>>  meet up, if you and Dorian would like to.
>I certainly would, and I'm sure Hallie would too.  We like meeting
>e-friends in real life.

Yes - and especially as you've said you're messy!  First slightly 
panicked question I asked Dorian when she was coming over here, was 
whether she'd mind a messy house.  :)

>>  At moment I am halway through Fire and Hemlock in an
>>  edition of I  can only desribe the cover as mildly
>>  psychedelic...
>Hehe!  What a good description - of *all* of them!  My "Fire &
>Hemlock" has a pleasant picture reminiscent of the one described in
>the story on the cover.

Sigh.  I really like the cover on the local library's copy (UK pb - 
NOT the dread Berkeley pb depicting a red-haired Laurel on 
horseback!) which might be Dorian's one, and think the new F&H is 
especially psychedelic - it's the eyeball that does it.  However, it 
is a lovely copy to read, while the one from the library looked 
great, but was horribly bound.

>  > (BTW The Sophie out of Howl's Moving Castle is not at
>>  all like me, I am very messy.) Hey, idea! Which DWJ do
>>  you most identify with, list-people? This would be a
>>  nice way to introduce yourself?

See, now, I find it very interesting (in a positive way!) that you 
picked up on this one characteristic of Sophie's.  I'd noticed it 
before, and while it works splendidly with her desire to snoop, and 
be pushy, and disapproving of Howl, still found it a tad unsettling. 
I can't decide whether I shall settle into old age finally 
comfortable with my own messiness, or become neater as I age, ending 
up like old Sophie - though there's little sign of the latter yet. :) 
(And I do completely agree with Howl - spiders *are* great for 
catching flies.  Perhaps more of a consideration in the UK/Ireland, 
where window-screens are pretty much non-existent.)

>Ooh, yes, cool question!  <pause to consider books on shelf and
>characters therein>  I can see bits of me in several characters...10
>years ago I'd have said Nan Pilgrim from "Witch Week", without a
>doubt, but I've acquired some self-confidence since then!  I think it
>would have to be Maewen in "The Crown of Dalemark"; I like her
>common-sensical approach (and despite my more bizarre flights of
>fancy, I do have a fair amount of common-sense - and little patience
>with those who haven't!), and I suspect that in a violent situation,
>I, too, would go to pieces the way she does (though, of course, I hope
>I wouldn't).

How funny - that's pretty much what I was going to say (Maewen).  I 
especially relate to her humiliating tears and inability to stop 
them. :)  I do admire the courage of all the brave heroes, but share 
none of it.  Rupert's description of Maree really blows me away: 
"fierce, droll, unhappy little fighter" -  again, though, I don't 
identify with it!

To go back to our Alternate Identity thread - I'm a complete 
astrology sceptic, and yet am frighteningly accurately described as a 
Cancer - you know, if threatened, retreat under the shell, scuttle 
away sideways if possible, only fight if you *really* have to.  I 
only have managed to be fierce in defense of the girls - and then 
usually dissolve in tears soon after. :)  Becca is a complete Leo 
too.  Cara, on the other hand, is wildly unAries-like.  At least, 
going by the description in my very old, well-read Linda Goodman's 
_Sun Signs_.


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