Hello from a newcomer.

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Fri Aug 17 13:49:09 EDT 2001

Sophie said...

> --- Hallie O'Donovan  enquired:.  We're both
> Dublin-based - where are you
> > moving to?

(Actually, I think that was me, but never mind!)
> Limerick City......I know, please skip the violence
> and poverty comment :-) > Actually, I was there a few
> months ago and found it quite nice. But the real
> reason I am going there is because I am going to study
> at Limerick Uni.

I will hear nothing against Limerick.  I'm a graduate of UL myself,
and I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years there.  (And never even saw any

> But we could defenitely
> meet up, if you and Dorian would like to.

I certainly would, and I'm sure Hallie would too.  We like meeting
e-friends in real life.

> At moment I am halway through Fire and Hemlock in an
> edition of I  can only desribe the cover as mildly
> psychedelic...

Hehe!  What a good description - of *all* of them!  My "Fire &
Hemlock" has a pleasant picture reminiscent of the one described in
the story on the cover.

> Funny thing as well, I was reading the
> summary on the website and then I thought: "Hold on a
> second, I think I have read that one already". Spooky,
> isn't it? Luckily  I am now quite sure which DWJ I got
> it muddled up with, otherwise I would have gotten
> severely paranoid....:-)

So, which one had you muddled it with?  I wouldn't have thought you
could muddle any of DWJ's books...but then, I lent a few to a friend
whom I'm trying to convert, and the other day she was trying to tell
me which one she was still in the middle of reading, but she couldn't
remember its title.  She gave me a very garbled description involving
princes and other suchlike wierdness - eventually, I managed to
establish that she was talking about "The Spellcoats"!  Hmmm.

Double hmmm - I'm looking at my shelves, and "The Spellcoats" is there
with the rest of the Dalemark books!  So what on earth was Trish
talking about???

> (BTW The Sophie out of Howl's Moving Castle is not at
> all like me, I am very messy.) Hey, idea! Which DWJ do
> you most identify with, list-people? This would be a
> nice way to introduce yourself?

Ooh, yes, cool question!  <pause to consider books on shelf and
characters therein>  I can see bits of me in several characters...10
years ago I'd have said Nan Pilgrim from "Witch Week", without a
doubt, but I've acquired some self-confidence since then!  I think it
would have to be Maewen in "The Crown of Dalemark"; I like her
common-sensical approach (and despite my more bizarre flights of
fancy, I do have a fair amount of common-sense - and little patience
with those who haven't!), and I suspect that in a violent situation,
I, too, would go to pieces the way she does (though, of course, I hope
I wouldn't).

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
israfel at eircom.net

"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can
do is to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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