Hello from a newcomer.

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 06:55:21 EDT 2001

 --- Hallie O'Donovan  enquired:.  We're both
Dublin-based - where are you
> moving to?

Limerick City......I know, please skip the violence
and poverty comment :-) > Actually, I was there a few
months ago and found it quite nice. But the real
reason I am going there is because I am going to study
at Limerick Uni.

 And not only can you join us, you can avail of
 our pooled DWJ 
 libraries, to help fill the gaps!

Well, I am sure I will visit Dublin sooner or later,
but my book collection is a bit scattered, some books
are still lurking in Holland, but I'll be  taking what
is in Brighton now with me. But we could defenitely
meet up, if you and Dorian would like to.

> >They're all being reprinted at the moment (with
> moderately horrible
> >covers),  

Agreement, the older ones I have are indeed much
easier on the eye.

At moment I am halway through Fire and Hemlock in an
edition of I  can only desribe the cover as mildly
psychedelic....Funny thing as well, I was reading the
summary on the website and then I thought: "Hold on a
second, I think I have read that one already". Spooky,
isn't it? Luckily  I am now quite sure which DWJ I got
it muddled up with, otherwise I would have gotten
severely paranoid....:-)


(BTW The Sophie out of Howl's Moving Castle is not at
all like me, I am very messy.) Hey, idea! Which DWJ do
you most identify with, list-people? This would be a
nice way to introduce yourself?

I always liked Helen from Homeward Bounders. I
actually hate critters, but I like her general grumpy
behaviour, and she is really is a nice and rather
brave person. (would not claim the bravery for myself,
though, as I am somewhat cowardly).
So that would be me. Who are you? Or who would you
like to be like?

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