Hello from a newcomer.

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Aug 16 14:58:59 EDT 2001

>Sophie said...
>>  No, at the moment I am living in Brighton, England. I
>>  have been here for five years, but I am moving to
>>  Ireland in a month's time.
>What an excellent choice!  You can join the Irish contingent, which
>currently consists of myself and Hallie (though Ania's coming to visit
>soon).  We're both Dublin-based - where are you moving to?

:)  And not only can you join us, you can avail of our pooled DWJ 
libraries, to help fill the gaps!

>>  Yes, absolutely. I just found the bibliography on the
>>  website and I had no idea that there were so many!
>>  Most bookshops seem to only stock a few at any one
>>  time. So before I knew this I had sort of put myself
>>  on a ration, not allowing to greedily read all, but
>>  save some for later. Now that there are more than I
>>  thought, I can allow myself more treats. Hurray!
>They're all being reprinted at the moment (with moderately horrible
>covers), so the bookshops are full of them.  I was in Waterstones at
>the weekend and there was nearly a whole shelf full of DWJ!  Lovely!
>I bought "Dogsbody", which is the one I still wanted for my collection
>(don't have Angus Flint and the other ones for younger readers, but
>don't want those so much).

It is wonderful, isn't it?  Almost better was going into Hodges 
Figgis (across the road from the Waterstones) a while ago and seeing 
the DWJ spot in the children's section almost empty.  I found out 
that it had been full a few days before!  So *why* do the same 
bookshops so often have no DWJs in the adult section?


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