Hello from a newcomer.

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 06:37:11 EDT 2001


Just wanted to say hello to you. I am never very good
at lurking, I managed about a half a week and now I
want to, at the very least, wabes my hands and shout

Well then. My name's Sophie. I am originally from
Holland, picked up my first DWJ book "De Negen
Levens", which you will all know as Charmed Life, in
the local library. This book also is the first book I
have ever read in English. They had 3 DWJ books in the
library in Dutch and I never knew there were any more,
until I went on holiday with my parents to England. We
went into one of those lovely old bookshops in one of
those English cathedral towns (cannot remember, think
it was Winchester) and lo and behold, they had lots of
DWJ. Yippee! But I couldn't read English, I thought,
so I picked up the one I had already read three times
to make it easier, turned to be no problem, so next
time my lovely parents bought me a few more I hadn't

So here I am older, not much wiser, still reading
them. I must admit that I haven't read all (are there
people on the list who have??), but I figured out from
the archive that etiquette demands a post will warn
which book it is about, so you can avoid it , if you
haven't read it yet. That's right, isn't it?

Anyway, sorry to ramble, look forwards to more
conversation, but I will sign off for now, before I
overload all your computers.


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