Nat Case ncase at
Thu Aug 9 15:38:00 EDT 2001

Melissa wrote:

>Anyway, I agree with Nat about the difference between modern authors and
>19th century ones.  There are exceptions, but a lot of modern fiction,
>particularly popular/mainstream and genre fiction, moves more quickly than
>it used to, even compared to fifty years ago.  There's more dialogue,
>shorter descriptive passages, and more action overall.  I also know that
>aspiring writers are frequently given advice that will steer them toward the
>faster-paced ideal, because supposedly readers aren't patient enough for a
>lot of long exposition, even if every word of it advances the plot.

How many of us had "show, don't tell" drilled into us in writing 
classes? I've long since taken it as Received Word of God the Editor. 
With that advice, Shakespeare would have had to cut Hamlet's 

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