DRH8, hexwood, DS - multiverse vs multiple worlds

Nat Case ncase at hedbergmaps.com
Thu Aug 9 12:15:53 EDT 2001

>  > A related issue, which tends to confuse things, is the use of the
>>  "on".  I think DWJ uses "on" a world consistently in DRH8
>This "on" discussion (on topic???) reminds me of an author note I saw once
>in a US edition of one of my books. The Aussie edition says that "Sally
>Odgers lives in Tasmania". That's in common use, for Tasmania is a state as
>well as an island. However, the US edition states that "Sally Odgers lives
>on Tasmania".  I have no idea why...
>And yet, we say "So and so lives on Bruny Island, or on Flinders Island or
>on King Island"... so I assume the difference lies in the fact that
>Tasmania, though an island, is never called "Tasmania Island".
>Comment, anyone?

Geographer chiming in here:

I see the distinction as being between a political entitity ("We vote 
in the Republic of Ireland") and a physical entity ("we landed on 
Ireland's shore"). To the extent that we think of an island whole, 
which generally means smaller islands, we think of people living "on" 
them. To the extent that they are territories with political 
identity, we live "in" the territory. Thus we are more likely to say 
someone is "on" St Kilda than "on" Ireland. On the other hand, we do 
say that people live "on" the continent of Europe.

Hope this helps

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