DRH8, hexwood, DS - multiverse vs multiple worlds

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed Aug 8 20:37:18 EDT 2001

> A related issue, which tends to confuse things, is the use of the
> "on".  I think DWJ uses "on" a world consistently in DRH8

This "on" discussion (on topic???) reminds me of an author note I saw once
in a US edition of one of my books. The Aussie edition says that "Sally
Odgers lives in Tasmania". That's in common use, for Tasmania is a state as
well as an island. However, the US edition states that "Sally Odgers lives
on Tasmania".  I have no idea why...

And yet, we say "So and so lives on Bruny Island, or on Flinders Island or
on King Island"... so I assume the difference lies in the fact that
Tasmania, though an island, is never called "Tasmania Island".

Comment, anyone?

Sallyo - back from the mainland.

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