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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Aug 8 07:42:00 EDT 2001


>  > Hallie (wondering if she's said terrible things about UCD here
>>  recently) (also wondering if other people check e-mail addresses with
>>  quite such interest)  (That's all.)
>Yes. They do. I do.

:)  I'm in good company then.

>What's so horrible about UCD?

Nothing really.  Possibly nothing at all, now.  But 20-odd years ago, 
I can say that the Science Department was pretty horrible - 
especially the Biochem lot, and I've been known to mention this fact. 
If you've been there even somewhat recently, and admired the verdant 
grounds - it wasn't at all like that back when I went, either.  New 
and raw and very ugly.  (And yes, a certain part of all this 
negativity was due my really wanting to be in Trinity, studying Eng. 
Lit, but I couldn't, because my father had taught in Trinity, while 
my step-father taught at UCD and there were Issues (big-time), and 
yes, I know how feeble all this sounds, but this still doesn't change 
my conviction (shared by pretty much everyone who got a Biochem. 
degree at the time) that it stank!)

Hallie (bringing parenthesis abuse to new heights).

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