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Tue Aug 7 12:56:58 EDT 2001

Hello - bursting onto the scene...

>From Philip:
>I agree with Nat that it is several midlands cities, or possibly even a totally fictitious one.
> Birmingham was _far_ bigger than this city, even by 1879.  Certainly Birmingham
> didn't have "the railway" and "the canal" any more - it had been a major canal
> interchange for at least 50 years.  I also think that the local brick in Brum is
> red, not yellow.  (This is relevant - the canal arches, made of yellow brick,
> would definitely have used local materials)

I grew up in Birmingham and can confirm that its bricks are red. I 
think that's true of the whole Midlands, actually. And not only was 
it bigger 120 years ago than Jamie's place, but I would imagine it 
was a whole lot darker, filthier and more alienating.

That said, I did have a schock of recognition when I read those 
passages (yonks ago now; I'm just going home to recap). 
Something to do with the railway overlaying the canal, and the 
style of the houses. Are there not allotments in Homeward 
Bounders too? So in my mind at least, Jamie's city is cobbled 
together from chunks of Birmingham. But then you read what you 
know, don't you? So it's totally fictitious too, of course.

First post from Joe, inveterate lurker (sorry) who's trying to get it 
together to answer the 'alternate identity' questionnaire even though 
that horse has nearly bolted. It's a good start to know that I'm last 
or late for everything though. That'll be my epithet: 'The late Joe 

PS Where else has yellow bricks outside London?

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